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What is PACE?

PACE is a path for your pre-teen or teen to learn from peers and mentors while building skills that will help them grow as an individual. They can hone skills to, themselves, become a volunteer mentor and eventually become a paid employee!


What can I expect my child to get out of this experience?

Your child will have a chance to work on age-appropriate life skills including things like socializing with peers, job and interview training, budgeting, etc. Students will be guided by mentors and coaches in a low-pressure environment.


What is the investment?

Your child or teen can grow within the PACE program. The investment into each step along that path is outlined here.


Is my child a good fit for PACE?

Many children and teens need to find a place outside of school where they can build relationships. School can place a lot of pressures on students which they then pair with the pressure of socialization. Separating the two can really alleviate stressors and allow them to grow friendships and skills. If your child learns better with more direction, the help of a mentor could benefit them greatly. Additionally, our support for parents can help parents connect with others who face the same challenges.

Which path should we choose?

Our team will conduct an assessment including a parent interview to help you determine where in the PACE program will be the best start for your child.


Where is PACE located?

We have a space attached to our POTP center in Vero Beach where in-person meetings and activities will take place. Participants will also have access to an online portal to be used for communicating with their mentor and peers. This platform includes access to a messaging and chat feature, learning tools and virtual meetings for parents. Additionally, community outings will take place within Vero Beach and surrounding areas.

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