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Our team provides a range of services to help your child and your family. All programs are created from research-based strategies and developmentally appropriate curriculum. All services provided utilize the data collection and review procedures required for evidence based ABA practices. The teaching of treatment goals is done in a one on one or group setting in a natural environment  and Intensive Teaching settings.  There is an emphasis on verbal behavior. These services include:

Home & Community

In-home ABA therapy provides the ideal setting for teaching children daily living and household skills, as it allows the behavior analyst and RBT to implement interventions in the setting where the behavior will take place. We also complete parent training to ensure consistency with procedures and protocols that are put in place for both decreasing problem behaviors and helping the child to meet their specific goals.

Social Skills Groups

Our team facilitates afternoon social skills groups at our Center for the clients to work on increasing positive interactions with same aged peers in a safe environment where they can grow, learn, and meet their specific goals.

School Services

When needed our team services the client in their classroom setting.  This allows the child to learn the skills needed to be successful in their educational environment.  The behavior analyst and RBT will also complete teacher training to ensure consistency with protocols and procedures.  Which will set your child up for success in the their classroom.

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